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Colorado Landscape Photography at the Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado Landscape Photography: Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most visited national parks of all the U.S. Discover rivers, alpine lakes, rugged mountain peaks, and forests all full of an amazing array of flora and fauna. Enrich your adventure experience and take part in different recreational activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and camping.

But most importantly if you are an enthusiast or professional landscape photographer you will notice that the comprehensive ecosystem that this National Park gives, is a one-lifetime opportunity to be creative with your photographic work. The locations will allow you to experiment not only in terms of composition, color, use of lenses, etc, in landscaping photography but also in nature and wildlife photography.

In this article, we explain why the Rocky Mountain National Park is a great opportunity to experiment with landscaping photography. We’ll offer some specific facts and we will also provide some creative landscape photography tips to use inside this National Park. 

Why Rocky Mountain National Park is a great place to do landscape photography?

Well, while you visit Rocky Mountain trough the summer or in the winter, know that each season holds its magic. During the summer you will find landscapes full of color and movement. To intensify your adventure, visit in the winter and find yourself amid a silent forest covered in snow. Make sure you are well prepared with the necessary equipment, remember that your camera is your partner and companion on the road. 

Colorado Landscape Photography

For amateur and advanced photographers alike, Rocky Mountain National Park is a dream destination that offers a lifetime opportunity. Produce high-quality pictures, sharpen your skills and be creative in the composition of color and textures in your images.

You can either go from landscape shots to sequences of wildlife photography. For example, if you are a landscape photographer consider that Rocky Mountain is one of the nation’s highest national parks. It contains elevations from 7,860 feet to 14, 259 feet. Within the park’s boundaries are 77 mountain peaks over 12,000 feet high you will absolutely find the perfect shot. If elevated shots aren’t for you and want more close-range pictures, the reserve also has short distance landscapes compound. Here you will find trees covers, subalpine areas, crystal clear lakes and fields of flowers. The opportunities are limitless!

But if you prefer wildlife photography, know that the Rocky Mountains contain a rich diversity of plant and animal life. In this reserve you will find more than 60 species of mammals, 280 bird species, 6 types of amphibians, 11 species of fish and countless insects. Rocky Mountains is one of the U.S top wildlife-watching destinations with nearly 250.000 acres. 

Colorado Landscape Photography

Now let us give you some useful tips that you can apply during your adventures. 

Creative landscape photography tips to apply in Rocky Mountain National Park

For a landscape photographer, sublime is the best word to describe the adventure of hiking, or getting into a silent forest and get stunned by the force, the constant change and the power of nature. You will always find new things to explore every day in this park, and with good research, you will find not one but several perfect locations for your shots. Here are some creative tips you can apply to get those perfect shots.


  1. If you found that perfect location, putting a person in front of the lens will make your photo more interesting for scale and also make it even more relatable of how it was to be in that spot. 
  2. Use apps that allow you to find out the position of the sun or the moon at a specific location. This way you can pre-plan your shots ahead of time. 
  3. Lighting won’t always be perfect, so try to shoot anyway and make the most of your conditions.
  4. Really sense everything that surrounds you in order to convey that feeling in your photographs. Simply pressing on the shutter speed will not produce a stunning photo. You want the viewer to tune in to the same amazing feeling that you experienced when you decided to take the picture. This is key in landscape photography because it is really easy to produce dull pictures.


Final words…

Taking the opportunity to travel to the Rocky Mountain National Park and use it as the subject to take some series of landscape or wildlife photos is a dream come true for a photographer.

Such a location will inspire you to be even more creative with your photographic work, sharpen your skills, try new viewpoints, and explore new sites.  

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