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camera for outdoor photography

Best camera for outdoor photography

Purchasing a new camera for outdoor photography or second body is a big decision for professional or enthusiast photographers. Especially when you are in the field of outdoor photography which covers: landscape, nature and wildlife photography. If you already are in the phase of searching, you probably have run into the innumerable options of brands, models, sensor sizes, etc. We know there is a lot of information to process, but to keep yourself on track, we want to give you some of the best options for purchasing your camera for outdoor photography.

As professional photographers, we´ve seen countless cameras in action. We can say that with the experience acquired through the years we have noticed which brands, models of cameras, and lenses have shown mediocre performance when it comes to capture high-quality images and resist tough environments. But we’ve also been able to recognize which cameras have the features and attributes necessary to fulfill the needs of this demanding genre of photography. And that is what you will find in this article, we narrow the options to what we consider so you can purchase the best camera for outdoor photography in 2 different levels: beginners and professional.

We choose these models based on our experience and the features. Hopefully, this article will help you making an informed decision on which camera for outdoor photography is your best fit. Let’s begin!

Cameras for Outdoor Photography

Beginners Camera
Nikon D3500

This model is Nikon’s fresh and responsive entry-level to DSLR cameras and is one of the least expensive DSLRs you can find. It has a 24-megapixel sensor that can store images in either JPEG or RAW format (so image quality won’t be a problem). You will notice the design of this camera has simplified controls and a built-in guide mode to help new users learn the basics. These are some of the reasons why this model is one of the best cameras for beginner photographers who are initiating into outdoor photography.

Features & ISO Range

The ISO range goes from 100 to 25600, we sense that the range can be useful up to 6400 in the right situations with the right settings. Plus this model doesn’t have a low pass filter which means that you will get sharper images. Compare to other more expensive camera models the Nikon D3500 has more megapixels but with a smaller
sensor (23.5 mm x 15.6 mm).

In terms of frames per second, this model allows you to shoot until 5 frames per second at full resolution. It has 11 autofocus points spread across the frame. One being the only cross-type, meaning that this is gonna be the most accurate focus in the camera. Now, having 11 focus points is going to help you when you are shooting action because the Nikon 3500 has a 3D tracking feature which is a pretty accurate feature that you find in pro cameras.

Lastly, in terms of build and design the Nikon D3500 it’s a compact camera with a pretty standard plastic body and 3-inch sharp and bright display. It’s also one of the lightest models of Nikon (415gr – body only). It also has a nice well-designed grip and good balance that will allow you to shoot some times even single-handedly. The button lay is also very intuitive and easy to reach.

Professional Camera
Sony a7R III

The Sony a7R III is a powerful all-around mirrorless camera with a 42.4-megapixel sensor to deliver up to 15 stop dynamic range at low ISO. With that kind of megapixel sensor, the camera will allow you to capture more detail in your images with perfect colors, and more flexibility in the editing process. And as the Nikon 3500, it also has no low pass filter which means that you will get sharper images. It also has dual SD card slots allowing for redundant recording, so if one card fails you still have another card retaining all of your photos and videos from the same session. And you can use dual SD card slots differently (one for RAW files exclusively and JPEGS in the second card).

Features & ISO Range

The ISO range goes from 100 to 32000 demonstrating that image quality is stellar in this model. You will notice astonishing qualities in this model as you practice with it, such as the exceptional blend of high resolution at low sensitivities with very low noise when the ISO is raised and the ability to pull out a lot of detail from deep shadows without excessive noise.

This model is capable of shooting 10 frames per second and has a considerably larger buffer, which means it can shoot 28 uncompressed RAW files in a single burst. When it comes tom the speed at which the camera grab focus, we can say that is fast and reliable. The model has face detection autofocus and eye detection autofocus, keeping the subject face focused even when it’s slightly obscure. And has a great performance by picking up a face from a bit of distance away.

By far one of the major features highlighted by professional photographers is battery life. It holds more charge and last way longer, to have an idea with this model you can get about 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes of 4k 24p recording per battery.

In terms of design, the Sony a7R III is a compact, lightweight design with well-placed controls. In fact, the inclusion of the joystick is one of the features more applaud by photographers because it allows you to change focus spots a lot easier and quicker. Having something tactile like this gives finer controls over your autofocus.

Professional Camera
Canon EOS 5DS R

The Canon EOS 5DS R is an ultra-high-resolution camera with a 50.6 megapixels full-frame sensor that has a full support system of high tech features that improve performance. The signature highlight of this camera is its incredible reproduction of fine detail and image resolution. It is a camera targeted for professional landscape photographers because of its ability to capture finely detail subjects, deliver large printed output, and crop into original files. But don’t worry about those big files. You will find that this model has two Digic 6 image processors that will help you handle them.

Features & ISO Range

The ISO range goes from 100 to 6400 and it can be extended down to 50 or up to 12800. This means that with this high resolution, every focus error will be visible. That’s why the brand incorporated a Mirror Vibration Control System into this model. This reduces the blur by achieving a precise up and down motion of the camera mirror. You will find that this model also gives you reduced resolution options for both RAW and JPEG. It understands that not every situation calls for a full 50 million pixel file giving you a variety of practical options for different types of situations.

Another cool feature of this model is that it has a tremendous metering system. This gives you the ability to read brightness and color throughout the scene, identifying scenes and faces. This metering system meets up with the focusing system to give you an Intelligent tracking and recognition AF (iTR). It is great to shoot moving subjects because of its ability to follow both faces and colors.

It has hyper-precise autofocus even in problems with very little ambient light and maximum sharpness with good shooting speed.

In terms of design, this model is a bulky camera. Although it is not exaggeratedly spectacular, its ergonomics are impeccable. It’s an outstanding body made of a high-quality magnesium alloy and sealed against dust and water.

Final words on cameras for outdoor photography…

Here are some of the 3 best models of cameras for outdoor photography for each experienced level. We assure you that these 3 models deliver high-quality results and features that fulfill or exceed your expectations. We hope you find this article useful for your future purchase of cameras. Remember to share your comments below, we love to read them.

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